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Today's Joke!
(This week's theme is: Do-Overs)

Hurley: Dude, you speak English.
Jin: No, you're speaking Korean.
Hurley: [in Korean] I am? [chicken sports mascot appears.] What's he doing here?
Jin: Everything's going to change.
Hurley: [still in Korean] What?
Jin: Everything's going to change. Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day, Hugo.


Moral of the Story: Don't flaunt your success!

--- Begin Forwarded Story ---

HOLLYWOOD - JJ Abrams is "suing the pants off" another Hollywood producer and longtime friend (or should I say EX-friend), Jill Mazursky. Mazursky co-wrote the film treatment for Abrams' first movie "Taking Care of Business" with him in college, and apparently feels slighted that he's gotten the credit and success for what she believes was mainly her efforts.

During a recent visit to Abrams' plush home in Pacific Palisades, the flaunting of his success got to her, and after excusing herself to a downstairs bathroom, she used her cellphone to photograph a couple dozen pages of the actors scrip for the last episode of LOST. Images that were posted online and spread over social networks were quickly censored when ABC issued a DMCA Takedown Notice. But enough information had spread virally that Abrams will have to re-write and re-film the final episode. (Spoiler: Hugo's dreaming at the mental institution basically controls the whole LOST world; the Season 6 "dual timelines" are his effort to reconcile his mind and reality.) Abrams is also pulling strings to basically ban her from Hollywood forever.

To TURELY understand this story, you must view this YouTube video:
(This shows the original photos with the words blocked out so it should still be up.)

--- End Forwarded Message ---

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